Small Research Project On The Sun and Our Planets


After learning about the moon, the students had the opportunity to research the sun or a planet. They found out some really cool and interesting facts. They took what they learned and created a movie. However, they did not create just any movie. They used “green screen” technology to make their movies. The students were recorded on the iPads using DoInk Green Screen. They were able to choose the background that appeared behind them rather than the green fabric. They turned out fantastic!


Once you click on the link above, you will be taken to a page with 17 videos. To view them all:

  • Click the link above (one will start automatically).

  • To hear and see more, click the box on the bottom right which shows three boxes.

  • You will then see 17 boxes.

  • Click on any of the boxes.

  • You can also select the arrow. This will take you to the next video.

Making 3-Dimensional Shapes


We have been focusing on geometry and today we created 3-dimensional shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks. The students first had to make cubes, rectangular prisms, rectangular pyramids and triangular pyramids. Then they had to figure out the number of flat surfaces, edges and vertices each shape had.

Why Are 2nd Graders Being Featured In TIME?


In learning about biographies, the students had the opportunity to write their own autobiography. They had to figure out what goal they would accomplish in order to be featured and include major life events from childhood and adulthood. Their autobiographies are now on display on our bulletin board! Watch the slideshow to see what ideas the students came up with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Investigating Fairy Tales


We have been spending time reading a variety of fairy tales and folktales. We have been looking for important features that fairy tales and folktales have. Some of the elements we noticed were:

  • Most start with, “Once upon a time…”

  • Have good and bad characters.

  • They are make-believe.

  • There is magic.

  • The animals act like humans.

  • There is a problem to solve.

  • They end happy.

Creating Moon Silhouettes


We are finishing learning about the moon. We concluded that the moon changes each night, even if it is only a little bit. We also discovered that it is always there. However, sometimes it looks like it is not there. When this happens, it is usually a “new moon.” We learned that the moon cycle happens each month making it so that we have a full moon and new moon each month.

As a final project, we created moon silhouette artwork. In this piece of art, we created a watercolor background, a silhouette of an outdoor scene and a moon phase we wanted to feature. We then wrote in our Science Notebooks about the moon phase we chose, why we chose it and what it reminds us of.