Creating Moon Silhouettes


We are finishing learning about the moon. We concluded that the moon changes each night, even if it is only a little bit. We also discovered that it is always there. However, sometimes it looks like it is not there. When this happens, it is usually a “new moon.” We learned that the moon cycle happens each month making it so that we have a full moon and new moon each month.

As a final project, we created moon silhouette artwork. In this piece of art, we created a watercolor background, a silhouette of an outdoor scene and a moon phase we wanted to feature. We then wrote in our Science Notebooks about the moon phase we chose, why we chose it and what it reminds us of.

Our Great Barrier Reef Videoconference


Last night, we had the opportunity to dive down into a coral reef with our guide, Craig. He was in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! We saw a variety of fish including clown fish, leopard sharks, nurse sharks and black tipped sharks. We also saw a sea turtle, sea anemone and sea cucumbers! Watch the video below to relive this experience!

Great Barrier Reef from Meghan Turcot on Vimeo.

Making Observations About The Moon


We having been making many observations about the moon. We have learned new vocabulary words that describe the different phases of the moon such as: new moon, waning and waxing crescent moon, quarter moon, waning and waxing gibbous moon and full moon. In our science notebooks, we have created the moon phases and used our own words to illustrate what they look like. Below are just a few examples of what we came up with.

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Learning About Biographies


This month we have been learning about biographies. We have compared them to both fiction and other non-fiction texts to learn about the similarities and differences that biographies have with these types of texts. We have learned about many people and the accomplishments that they had during their lifetime. We noticed that most biographies include: important dates, places and significant events.

In writing, the students have been researching a person to create a report that included why the person is important. They had to find dates of significant events throughout their lifetime.


Skating Schedule


Our class will be walking over to Essex High School to skate. We will be skating on Thursday, March 31st from 8:50am-9:40am and Monday, April 4th from 1:00-2:00.

Your child needs to bring:

  • Jacket

  • Snow pants

  • Gloves/mittens

  • Helmet (any type)

  • Tall socks

If your child is bringing their own skates from home, they will also need:

  • Bag/backpack that won’t rip on our way over to the rink to carry skates from home.

If your child will be using the skates at the rink he/she will need to know their boot size so we can get the correct skates.

        Families are invited to join us! Thank you Mrs. Hutton for organizing this fun event!