Lantern Parade Update and Information


The Lantern Parade is right around the corner and we received an update from Holy Family Church:

Holy Family’s parking lot will NOT be available for Lantern Parade parking.  Holy Family has a function at the church on the 12th. 

There will be parking available at the fair ground with a shuttle bus provided at the St. James entrance.

If you’d like more information please click the link.

Features of Non-Fiction Texts


We have been learning a lot about non-fiction texts and their features. We have searched many books to find the following features:

  • Index

  • Table of Contents

  • Diagrams and Labels

  • Types of Print

  • Photographs and Captions

  • Close-Ups

  • Maps

  • Cutaways

  • Comparisons

  • Glossary

Knowing about these features has helped us conduct our research about our animal!

Learning About The Adaptations of Sea Lions and Seals


Today we had a videoconference with the Saint Louis Zoo. We learned about the differences between sea lions and seals. We were also able to learn about their special adaptations that allow them to survive in their habitats. We were taught new vocabulary including the word: pinniped. Ask your child if they remember what it means. Enjoy a little video of what we experienced today!

Untitled from Meghan Turcot on Vimeo.

We Are Starting Our Animal Research


The students took the first step in their research this week. They all chose an animal to study. The students explored online resources that they could access from the classroom blog: PebbleGo and World Book Online. Tomorrow, we will go to the Learning Center and Mrs. Duggan will teach us how to find good primary sources that would help us gather the information that we would need to complete our animal research. Ask your child what animal they will be studying.