Building and Using Catapults in Science


We conducted our final experiment for our force and motion unit. Our question was, “Using the catapults we build, which goes farther, the ping pong ball or the cotton ball?”

We wrote our own hypothesis and from there we made the catapults using: rulers, spoons, rubber bands and tape.

We then worked in partnerships to conduct our trials that would compare the results when using a cotton ball and ping pong ball. Ask your child what happened and why think that happened.

Adding Two-Digit Numbers


This week we started adding two-digit numbers using number lines as well as the process shown below. The students are having the opportunity to decompose numbers to show the value of the tens and ones place. By adding this way, the students understand the process more and are able to work with “friendly numbers.”


If you’d like to practice this at home, I have attached a form for you to print out!


Our Videoconference on Force and Motion


Yesterday we had the opportunity to have a videoconference with a scientist from the Cleveland Museum of Natural Science. She taught us more about force and motion and allowed us to participate in a variety of experiments that would help illustrate the concepts of force, motion, friction and acceleration. Please view the video so that you can have an idea of what we experienced.

Our Force and Motion Videoconference from Meghan Turcot on Vimeo.

Celebrating Our Writing With 5th Graders


Yesterday and today we had the opportunity to share our writing with fifth graders from Mrs. Auch’s class as well as listen to their stories. The students were very thoughtful with the feedback that they gave each other. Everyone did a terrific job!

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Conducting Experiments


Today we began conducting a new experiment in science. Our focus  question was:

How far can I move a cotton ball when I use the force of air

by blowing through a straw?

The students will be comparing how far a cotton ball moves when they blow through a normal straw to when they blow through a straw with a hole in it. Ask your child what their prediction was and why.

Weather Connections In Hawaii


In second grade we learn about weather. This often takes place in the spring. However, this year, we are taking a different approach to this unit. We will be learning about weather all year. In doing so, we will be connecting and comparing our weather with another second grade class from Hawaii! This week we started keeping track of the temperature as well as observations of what our weather looks like. This information is being stored on another page on our blog. Please see below:


 By having a separate page for our weather observations, we can easily track the weather as well as have a place for our Hawaiian friends to view it. This is also a place for them to comment. At the same time, they are keeping track of their weather. To view their school and their page see how to do so below:



We have already learned some new information about their state as well as their weather. Did you know that they have “hurricane days?” Ask your child what that means. While we have a focus on weather, we are also starting to learn about another culture and state and this blog connection allows to ask and answer questions as well. Below is a picture of their website.



Celebrating Our Writing With Fifth Graders


Although we finished publishing our narrative pieces of writing a couple of weeks ago, we are still not completely done with sharing them. The fifth graders in Mrs. Auch’s classes were also writing narratives and recently published theirs. We thought this was a perfect opportunity for second graders and fifth graders to come together to share and celebrate their hard work. The students will work in small groups and talk about what they were working on, give feedback as well as receive feedback on their narratives. Because Mrs. Auch has two different writing classes, we are going to have two days that we will be doing this.

On Tuesday, November 4th from 9:45-10:30 the fifth graders will come to our school.

On Wednesday, November  5th from 12:35-1:15 the second graders will walk to Fleming School.